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1072 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia




home.made started out as a from-scratch catering company, specializing in southern cuisine. owner/chef mimi maumus built home.made slowly over the course of eight years while working as executive sous chef for hugh acheson's beloved 5&10 restaurant.

now in home.made's kitchen fulltime, mimi has expanded home.made's offerings beyond catering, to include dine in lunch, a monthly supper club, and take away meals.

we are located at 1072 baxter street and are open for dine in lunch tuesday-friday from 11-2:00. we are available between 10-5:30 monday-friday for casserole pickups or for pre-ordered catering pickups.

if you are interested in catering, we offer full service catering, drop off, and pick up options. menus are individually crafted and seasonally relevant.

we believe that good food begins with good ingredients. most ingredients are sourced through local farms, including  Woodland Gardens, Northeast Farmers of Georgia and Foster Brady.

Give us a call or send an email and we will put together a custom proposal for your event.





photo credit: melissa tuck photography