Taking Care of Yourself By Wearing Perfume

March 29, 2022 Off By Emerie Emory

Woman wearing her perfume


Because you want to smell good for yourself and your environment, putting on perfume like the Maison Francis Kurkdjian  is part of a morning ritual. Yet it turns out that we rarely do this because we hardly leave the house anymore, especially during the pandemic. It’s a sin! Because it is especially important at home to put on perfume.

The power of smell goes beyond just smelling good. It has benefits on you overall well-being.

Wearing perfume at home

Flair Belgium conducted research via its social media channels. When asked whether people wore less perfume in 2020 – which is since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic – the majority answered that this is indeed the case, because they thought they would be the only one who would smell this. Yet there appears to be a good reason to wear perfume even when you are just at home.

The smell of home is important for your mood. Your home also has a certain smell that makes you feel safe and familiar. Now that we are at home more often, our olfactory organ can get used to it because our brain is normally activated by different smells. As soon as you wear perfume at home, you force your brain to activate to bring back sweet, fun memories.


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Perfume is personal to everyone. In addition to the fact that you like to smell it, it also stimulates how you feel. This all has to do with the limbic system in our brain, Kristof of the Belgian perfume brand Miglot tells Flair. This part of our brain is responsible for emotions and causes us to experience smells as something emotional. If you wear your familiar perfume, it will bring back memories, which in turn creates a better mood.

Scent sticks

At a certain point, your olfactory organ gets used to the smell of your house and your perfume, so that you no longer consciously think about it. If you notice this, you can start experimenting with other scents to provide a little more variety. For example, wear perfume that you only use on weekends or holidays. You can also create a different scent in each room. You can do this with scent sticks, scented candles, or a room spray. Extra important is that you should wear perfume mainly because it makes you happier yourself, not because other people can smell you.