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Top-Rated Apps for Health & Well-being

Install these helpful apps to feel better, eat healthy, exercise more, sleep well, and even more conveniently handle your prescriptions. All of us could use some assistance right now because the last several years have tested us both emotionally and physically in a variety of ways. Thankfully, getting access to smart tools to manage your…

By Dan Edwina June 29, 2022 Off

Mental Well-being and the Ways to Achieve It

Emotional, social, and psychological well-being all contribute to mental health. Our emotions and feelings are influenced by our mental health. It influences how we behave in various situations, how we deal with stress, how we sustain interpersonal relationships, and how we make decisions. When you have mental health issues, it affects your mindset, mood, and…

By Dan Edwina April 21, 2022 Off

Taking Care of Yourself By Wearing Perfume

  Because you want to smell good for yourself and your environment, putting on perfume like the Maison Francis Kurkdjian  is part of a morning ritual. Yet it turns out that we rarely do this because we hardly leave the house anymore, especially during the pandemic. It’s a sin! Because it is especially important at…

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