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Methods for Achieving Wellbeing

It’s simple to add a few new behaviors to our everyday routine to increase our sense of well-being. But it’s possible for well-being and health to suffer in today’s modern quick-paced and frequently busy society. We may every day enhance our health and well-being through mindful meditation, making a contribution, exercising our body, acquiring new…

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Health and well-being ideas

In contrast to simply being free from illness or disability, the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health as “a condition of overall physical, intellectual, overall social wellbeing”. This is in line with the biopsychosocial approach to health, which takes interconnections among social, mental, and physiological variables in well-being and disease into account. Wellbeing and…

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Obese Children: Losing Weight Naturally

How do you get your kids to exercise more and eat less? If you look around the schoolyard, you might be surprised. While there used to be a “fat boy” in every class, many more children are overweight today. Scientists have also been sounding the alarm for some time now, children today suffer from diseases…

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