What is Physical Health

When it comes to physical health, diet is an important factor. You need to eat healthy, nutritious foods to maintain a healthy weight and minimize chronic disease risks. However, you also need exercise to help your body stay in shape. And it’s not just about losing weight – exercise can also reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as help improve your mental health.

It Starts with Your First Step

To get started with physical activity, try walking for at least thirty minutes a day or going for a jog. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous at first; start small and work your way up!

To make sure you stick with it over the long term, create an exercise plan that includes a mix of cardio and strength training exercises.

Focus on Gradual Improvements

If you find that 30 minutes is too much for you at first, remember that smaller changes are better than no change at all.

For example, if you usually only walk fifteen minutes each day, instead of going for a walk for 30 minutes every other day, try alternating between 15-minute walks or 10-minute walks on days when you don’t feel like doing 30 minutes.