Stress Management Techniques for College Students

June 26, 2024 Off By Nick Quincey

College is a maelstrom of tests, projects, social obligations, and “what am I even doing with my life?” Many students are stressed. Fear not, warriors! These strategies have been shown to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Best for Your Brain: Sleep

Some people neglect sleep due to deadlines. However, rested brains fight stress. Sleep 7-8 hours well each night. Avoid electronics, create a relaxing nighttime routine, and acquire blackout curtains—your future self will thank you.

Organize and Control Time Monster

Too many tasks stressing you? Get your planner or note-taking app and relax. Schedule homework, school, and extracurriculars. Break big tasks into smaller ones. Reject time-consuming obligations. Stretching too thin causes tension.

Move to Release Endorphins

Fitness and stress alleviation are workout benefits. Walk around campus, attend a yoga class, or quick gym workout. Endorphins from exercise calm and focus.

Be Aware Discover Balance Stressed

Deep breathing and meditation can be your secret weapon. Focused breathing for several minutes can reduce stress and quiet the mind. Many free guided meditations are available online, or you simply sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe.

Do It Together: Recharge and Connect

Not everyone should attend college alone. Ask friends, family, classmates, or a campus therapist for aid. Talking may liberate. Have coffee with a friend, see a funny movie, or join a group. Remember, strong social networks alleviate stress.


College can be hard, but not war. Change your stress management habits to regain control, improve your health, and thrive in this exciting yet stressful chapter of your life. Success depends on health and pleasure!