Author: Nick Quincey

Discovering the Benefits of Mindfulness for Health and Well-being

Being mindful means paying attention to and focusing one’s attention on the here and now. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention, nonjudgmentally and undistractedly, to internal and external experiences. Studies have indicated that people who regularly practice mindfulness have considerable changes in their stress levels, anxiety levels, and depression. Benefits of Mindfulness for Health…

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Building Healthy Habits

Healthy daily routines that don’t require much work to sustain seem to be much simpler for one to maintain than healthy behavior that is not established.  An example of a healthy habit is you eat healthy food every morning, thus it is likely to need little effort for your first meal to be nourishing and…

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How to Deal with Back pain 

Back pain can vary in intensity from a mild achy feeling to more severe shooting or scorching agony. This discomfort may involve tingling in your extremities and can travel down your limbs. Moreover, you can experience muscle spasms or stiffness, which can restrict your range of motion.   This condition is commonly experienced by almost…

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